adventure week pokemon go eventThe next Pokemon Go event has been announced, Adventure week! The developers are celebrating all the distance walked by everyone who has taken to the streets to play Pokemon Go with what looks to be a pretty good event.

Little events like these are a great way to keep all us players motivated. As this was announced I was just on Twitter mentioning my spawns have been pretty boring.

So what does the Adventure Week Pokemon Go Event have to offer? The main part is going to involve more spawns of Rock or mineral type Pokemon. Some Rock type Pokemon are Omanyte, Kabuto, Geodude, Onix, Shuckle, and Larvitar to name a few. Of course all of these Pokemon’s evolution’s will also be included as well.

Also coming with the Adventure Week event, PokeStops will be giving out more items, your buddy will get candy 4  times faster, and a new adventure hat for your Avatar will be available.

Check out this Video From Reversal On the Pokemon Go Adventure Week Event

There are definitely a few Pokemon I am hoping to find during this event. I have yet to get a Larvitar or and variation of him. I do have one Aerodactyl but would like to get a coupe of more as well as some candies. Need candy to evolve my Geodude all the way too so this should be a good event for me as long as spawns are good in my area.

The only bad thing about this Pokemon Go event is pretty much the same thing I have said through most of them. It will only cover the span of 1 weekend and for me weather is a problem as of now. Saturday should be nice but, i am working all day, basically 9 to 9. By Sunday the prediction is rain.

For now I am hoping for any bad weather on Sunday to hold off until the evening so I can get out to our local hot spot and get some good hunting done. So what are you looking forward to most during the Adventure Week Pokemon Go Event? Leave a Comment and let me know!