dittoSomething I noticed when they first came out was how hard Ditto’s were for people to find. I got pretty lucky catching my first one within a couple of days of them being released in the game. I didn’t even know about them before I caught my first one so it was a pretty cool surprise when I got the first OH! on a Rattata.

After that I caught another a couple of nights later when I was walking my dog but then that was it for a little bit. Since then I have caught a bunch while I was at work. Today I actually caught 2 at work and one was a Magikarp which is a first for me. All of mine until today have been Rattata or Pidgy Ditto’s.

You can see in the picture I have 7 but that picture was taken before the other one I caught today. I have also transferred quite a few. Too bad the journal can’t keep track of the total mount of each Pokemon you have caught. That would probably be way too much for the Pokemon Go app to handle though.

My daughter has not had as much luck as me with the Ditto so she still gets a little jealous when I tell her I caught another one. I keep telling her to have her phone on and ready whenever she is with me.

As cool as it is getting all these I am going to have to transfer some more. I was holding on to some of them in case trading came out soon but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen. Even though it is in the works it will probably be a while before trading hits Pokemon Go.

How are Ditto spawns in your area. Do you see a lot of them or are they hard to find. Leave a comment and let me know if this is something big or just a descent spawn rate.