Easter Event XP With Lucky Egg And Crappy Phone

With the latest Pokemon Go event in the books it’s time to see how well it worked out. We will talk about my personal Easter Event XP from a lucky egg while using my pretty crappy and slow phone. Also the 2k egg hatches and how I saw the event overall.

I did 2 measter event xp ass evolution’s with a but my first was definitely my bigger success as I was saving some new Pokedex additions. I maxed out getting 142,240 XP which included evolution’s and both of my 7 day streaks. I have a pretty slow and crappy phone right now so it probably could have been a little more but I will take it.

I also added a few new Pokemon to my Pokedex with this evolution spree including Machoke, Slowking, Lanturn, Azumarill, Politoed, Ariados, Octillery, Skiploom and Muk.

I did not take advantage of the Lucky Egg sale because I actually needed to upgrade Pokemon storage and was not going to spend any real world money for more coins.

As for 2k egg hatches I had a couple of good ones but nothing too crazy. I had a few incubators from leveling up to 30 so I was able to hatch a few more eggs then normal. I did hatch a few new additions like Magby, Miltank and Girafarig but nothing crazy like I have seen some of the bigger players on Twitter getting.easter event xp after

Easter Event XP And Hatches

Over all I would say this has been one of the better events thus far. I am very happy with my Easter event XP boost and have no complaints about my egg hatches either.

The only thing I would like to see Naintic do is for future event have them run through 2 weekends as opposed to starting them mid week and ending them mid week. If you are going to run an event for 7 days or more and your goal is to get people out and playing you need to have it g when people can get out. During the week people have either school or work so time is very limited.

I know there would have been even more opportunity for me if I had a second weekend to get some play time in with all the event specials. As far as from a business standpoint they probably would make more money as well with people burning through more items like lucky eggs, incubators and pokeballs.

Either way the events seem to be going in the right direction so now we will see what is next for Pokemon Go.

Leave a comment below nd let me know how much Easter event XP you got during the event! Also please like share and all that fun stuff as well 😉

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