Got A Kings Rock And Some Pokemon Go News

Kings RockIt has been a few days since my last post and I think it is realistic to say I will not be able to get one in every day. Today though, I was able to get a Kings Rock at a PokeStop this morning which I am pretty happy about.

I had been hearing a bunch of different theories about evolution item drops with one of the most popular being that items will be dropped at the exact same time every day. I got this one at 9:08 am this morning so depending on how exact it is I will definitely be testing this theory as best I can.

Before today I was getting Sun Stones more then anything and a couple of Up-Grade’s. I am not sure if this also means certain PokeStops will only drop the same item every day as well. I would be pretty happy to get another Kings Rock because I have enough candy’s to evolve both Slowpoke and Polywhirl.

This actually leads in to some pretty exciting Pokemon Go News as well. Niantic announced today that in the latest update for the game, all 7 day streaks will be rewarded with an evolution item. I have not downloaded the update yet but, my streak is not for 5 more days so I will be sure to do that ASAP.

Pokemon Go News Evolution Items

Hopefully there will be a descent mix of items as well and not the same one’s over and over. Like I mentioned before, I have 4 Sun Stones already and nothing even close to being ready to use them on.

Other then that it has been a pretty quite couple of days although, now that I think about it there is something else that is good for me anyway. One of my local gyms seems to be getting some Team Mystic love and so I have been able to place a Pokemon in there on a pretty regular basis the last few days and get some coins.

Tomorrow I am hoping it is still blue so I can get someone in there and get me some more coins. I so need more Pokemon storage, A bigger bag and of course incubators. With the time I have right now to play I am lucky to get the 10 coins a day so I will take it.

What evolution items do you have and how rare are they. Was my Kings Rock a hard to come by item or are they more common to your areas. Leave some comments and let me know.


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