Great Pokemon Go Egg Hatches

egg hatchesThe last week or so I have been getting some great egg hatches in Pokemon Go. While they may not be the most impressive to some, they are new additions to my Pokedex so I am pretty happy with them.

Keep in mind I have been working solely off of the one infinity incubator so things are also pretty slow. When I hit level 30 I got a nice set of 3 incubators and had a couple of 10k eggs so that combination probably had a lot to do with it.

So this weeks egg hatches that made me smile were, Aerodactyle my first one, Phanpy also a first, Omanyte also a first and my second Gligar.

The funny thing about these egg hatches is not just that they are a small bunch of new additions but, they are primarily Gen 1. I have been playing Since July and even when Pokemon Go had the event with an incubator a day I never had such a good string of omanytehatches.

I am saving my limited time incubators for 10k eggs only so right now I only have 2 eggs in the works. My last hatch was not that impressive, a Drowzee. Hope to keep the streak of new Pokemon going with the 2 that are in the works.

With Easter coming up I would guess there will be some sort of Pokemon Go event and it would only make sense for it to have something to do with eggs. It would be pretty cool if we got more egg drops and incubators on a daily basis. It will be interesting to see what comes.

As soon as I hear anything I will put it up here so stay tuned. Also feel free to leave a comment on some of your best egg hatches and what you have got lately.

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