pokemon go easter eventAs expected it was announced yesterday that there would be a Pokemon Go Easter Event Eggstravaganza. The event started yesterday at 1:00 P.M. PDT and will end on April 20, 2017 at the same time of day.

Also as expected a big part of the event involves eggs. The official Pokemon Go blog is filled with egg puns to help get people excited and in the spirit of things.

The first thing Niantic mentions is a greater variety of Pokemon hatching from 2k eggs. This is a little vague as far as what that means but, it will be fun to find out. I don’t know whether this is going to have something to do with getting rarer Pokemon, different ones or maybe just Pokemon that normally would no hatch from eggs at all.

Either way it means getting a lot more hatches in with only 2 kilometers to walk so that will be a great way to get people out and about.

The second thing mentioned for the Pokemon Go Easter Event Eggstravaganza is double XP. This means you can get up to 4x XP if you use a lucky egg. This will work out really well for me personally because I have been kind of hording some of my Gen 2 Pokemon so I could do a mass evolution with a lucky egg. Now I should probably kill it with XP between that and everything else.

So far just playing a little I have been able to get a nice chink of XP bringing closer to level 31. My 7 days steaks are both on Sunday so I will probably hit those and just start evolving on a lucky egg.

Speaking of lucky eggs, they are also half off in the Pokemon Store. So if you have some extra coins this is a great time to stock up, even just to have them after the Pokemon Go Easter Event Eggstravaganza.

I picked up my first 2k egg today since the start of the event so I am curious to see what I get. This is definitely a great week to get out an play so join in on the fun with the Pokemon Go Easter Event Eggstravaganza! Leave a comment on what you get during the event as well!