Pokemon Go Fire And Ice Event Thoughts

pokemon go fire and ice eventThe Pokemon Go Fire And ice Event has come and gone and I am actualy very late with this post so it will probably be a short one. With the gym rework now out and everything that is going on there is a lot to talk about.

I have actually been able to get in some good playing time so writing has been on the back burner. Time to get caught up and review the Solstice event.

Pokemon Go Fire And Ice Event Catches

All in all I would put this event as a pretty successful one for me personally. There weren’t a ton of different Pokemon around but, I did get a few new ones and lots of candy. The biggest catches as far as number were Vulpix, Cyndaquil, Houdour, Ponyta, Charmander, Growlithe and Shelder. I also did get a few Sneasels which are pretty rare around here.

Cyndaquil and Houndour were the two most exciting in the beginning simply because I had not seen one since the release of gen 2. Just getting these 2 along with enough candy to evolve both fully made the Pokemon Go Fire And Ice event worth it. Adding candy and collecting better I.V.’s for some of the others was just icing on the cake.

Also and finally, I was actually able to catch a couple of rare Pokemon in the wild. I got a Charizard in the wild, which cost me a lot of ultra balls, even though I had one from evolving. Had to catch a wild one but it took about 15 ultra balls to get it. I also got a Lapras which spawned around the corner at 1:20 am. Couldn’t pass that up so I took both mine and my daughters phone and hunted him down. Caught the Lapras for both which was a new one for her.

Pokemon Go Fire And Ice Event XP

The next big thing was of course the XP bonuses. I am currently at level 32 so moving up is becoming much harder as the levels get higher. Getting closer to that 40 mark seems so close bit still so far away. Even with me taking some extra time to play and catching everything in sight I am only about half way to 33. 750,000 is a lot of XP to try and gain so the bonuses were a big help.

I did not get any lucky eggs because I spent my coins on more space to catch. I figure there will surely be more sales and other ways to get them in the future although I do wish I had an extra for just while I was out catching. It didn’t help that the gyms were closed so I couldn’t get any coins the last few days of the event.

Here is a Pokemon Go Fire And Ice event Video in case you missed the event.

All in all I was pretty happy with everything. My only complaint would be they should have let the event end and then take down the gyms but that was minor.

Let me know you Pokemon Go Fire And Ice Event thoughts in the comment section!

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