Pokemon Go Gen 2 Starts With A Bang?

pokemon go gen 2The Pokemon Go Gen 2 release has been anticipated for quite a while. With the code being put in the gae well before it was released all the top Pokemon reporters were speculating when it would be launched.

On February the day finally came and Gen 2 Pokemon began to spawn. I was at work when everything happened so i had to download the most updated version of the game but that day, around 5 or 6 pm New York time, I started seeing new Pokemon.

It was pretty funny since not everyone here that plays knew about it coming out because they had not played in a while. When they saw my phone it was mayhem. They all had to download the update, wait for everything to load and catch their first Gen 2 Pokemon. My first catch was a 1122cp Furret, not bad for a first catch right at work.

After that I caught some of the more common spawns like Ledyba, Hoothoot, Sentret and Spinarak. I also get a few Swinub’s, Wooper’s, Xatu’s and Aipom’s.

Luckily we had a nice streak of warm weather here too so I took my daughter up to the Harbor, which is the biggest local Pokemon Go hunting area. Got a few other of the more rare Pokemon Go Gen 2 but it was  not as diverse as I thought it would be.

We spent a few ours but it seemed like most of the spawns were pretty much the commons. Everything was lured up too since the combination of nice weather and the Gen 2 release had revived the game for sure.

Now it has been a month since Pokemon Go Gen 2 has been out and around here it is a little quite. Part of that is probably due to the ridiculous cold weather, it is colder then it was all winter and spring is Monday. I just hope the spawns get a little more interesting. Before Gen 2 I was getting a really good mix of common spawns and some rarer one’s.

Work has been a good source of new Pokemon in the past with me catching Squirtles, Pikachu’s, Lickitung’s, Haunters, Seels and some other harder to find one’s here. Now there are less of these types of spawns as I mentioned in my post about party hat Pikachu.pokemon go gen 2 skarmory

I did catch a 1592cp Skarmory yesterday which was pretty cool. Had not seen that around at all so it was my first one. Hopefully that means things will start getting mixed up a little more as far as spawning goes. Either way, until the weather gets nicer I don’t think I will be able to get the full effect and enjoyment out of the Pokemon Go Gen 2 release.

One trip to the harbor is not enough to really see what will be spawning and with nest changes there are chances of new and different Pokemon to catch. It just needs to we warm enough for me to put my hands on my phone while I am outside.

I will definitely be hitting some new spots once it gets warmer and taking advantage of TheSilphRoad.com/atlas to find new nests. until it gets warmer though we will see if anything changes in my winter hunting grounds.

To see some pretty great Pokemon Go Gen 2 catches check out the video below.



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