pokemon go grass eventLast weekend was the Pokemon Go Grass Event which was only supposed to last for a few days. Whether by mistake or on purpose it did get an extra day added.

Although it was a small Pokemon Go event compared to most I would have to say it was a pretty good one. Sadly the weather here did not cooperate all that much but I still managed to score some hard to find grass Pokemon and build my candy stash.

Check out this quick video:

Pokemon Go Grass Event

The one thing I definitely was not able to take advantage of was the 6 hour lures. I probably did get a little boost from other peoples lures but did not have the time or weather to drop any myself. There was also a little bit of a glitch when the event first started where people were getting a soft ban because of the lures.

So what did I score during the Pokemon Go grass event?

Like I said nothing too big but, I was able to get some Chikorita’s which I don’t see all that often. I now have enough candy for the first evolution just need to get to the second. Got more Bulbasaur’s as well which was great for increasing my candy stock. I noticed for me the biggest spawn rate was for Exeggcute. They were spawning everywhere and of course, the one’s i was least interested in.

Hoppip was also showing up more often so that also helped with getting closer to the second evolution as I already evolved to a Skiploom during double XP.

I know a lot of people are saying it wasn’t that great of an event but, it wasn’t really supposed to be. The Pokemon Go grass event was just something small to keep people interested and make the game more fun. I think little events like these more often would be great for the game in between the bigger events.

As for bigger events I have said before that I just think they should make them run through 2 full weekends so peopl have more opportunity to enjoy them. This is especially true if one weekend has bad weather.

All in all I would consider the Pokemon Go grass event pretty good for what it was. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!