Pokemon Go Level 30 – Only 10 More To Go

pokemon go level 30Today was a pretty cold and damp day for this time of the year. I didn’t get a lot of play time in but, I did get my Pokemon Go Level 30 today so I am feeling pretty accomplished.

Even though it was horrible out I had enough going on that I was pretty sure today would be the day I leveled up. First today is when I hit both of my 7 day streaks so that is an easy 5,000 XP right there. For Pokemon Go level 30, if you didn’t already know, you need a total of 350,000 XP. I was already at 342,650 when I started so not to much left to go for the day.

Next is level 31 and now I need 500,000 so it will be interesting to see how long it takes. I never really kept track of how many days between levels.  The good thing about this blog is I can now use this post as a reference date and see how many days it takes to get to the next level.

Pokemon Go level 30 also got me some nice items as well. This is the first level where you get the Max Revive. i got 20 of those and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My spins were not really getting me many revives and I had quite a few Pokemon down from a fairly big gym battle that I just could not win.

Along with the the Max Revive some of the better items you receive are , 3 more 3x egg incubators. Also 3 more Lucky eggs. Then you get the usual mix of ultra balls, potions and berries. Funny thing is looking at my journal now it doesn’t show the leveling up which I never noticed before. Probably because I never looked. I was hoping to get a screen shot of the items but i am afraid that isn’t happening.

So now I need 500,000 XP before the next level and the level after that. For a complete guide to what you get and need to level up go here. I think I am going to have to do a lot more gym battling so I can get more coins for items like lucky eggs to help me along the way with gaining that much XP. After leveling up on the same day as my 7 day PokeStop streak I now see how I will be needing more bag space as well.

With everything I wound up 48 items over in my bag. Luckily I did have to use all my max revive and then for the next 15 or so catches i just threw berries at them whether they needed them or not. I have 130 coins right now so I need to get in to at least 1 gym for 7 more days before I can upgrade my bag. Hopefully I can get that done fairly quickly.

All in all a pretty good day. I have now become a Pokemon Go level 30 trainer and look forward to seeing how far I can get before summer hits. Leave a comment about what level you are working on!


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