Pokemon Go Rock Event A Success Mostly

pokemon go rock eventThe Pokemon Go Rock event is over and all in all it was a  pretty successful one. Where I am we go a lot of the basic Rock types that don’t spawn here all that often. I was able to get a few new additions to my Pokedex as well as stock up on some candy to for many rock types that I would have needed to walk forever to evolve otherwise.

The only thing I was not able to get was…. Larvitar.

During a lot of the recent events I was not really able to get out and play much due to weather. For the Pokemon Go Rock event though, I did get some quality outdoor play time in. This is why I would have to say the only part of this event that was a failure was the spawn rates or the more rare rock type Pokemon like Larvitar.

I get that they are supposed to be rare but, if you are going to have an event they should still make an appearance. From what I saw on Twitter a lot of people reported seeing Larvitar on day one and then that was pretty much it. Since Adveture week started on a Thursday that really doesn’t do much for most people since kids are still in school and adults still have to work.

Other then Larvitar though I was pretty happy with the event. I got my first Shuckle, lots of Geodudes so I can not do a full evolution, Kabuto, Omanyte, Rhyhorn, First Slugma and plenty more, a few Sudowoodo and even a wild Aerodactyl. Also walked enough to fully evolve Machop and almost enough to fully evolve Chikorita.

One of the things I also did was avoid catching any new Pokemon that I could evolve later so I can do one mass evolution with a lucky egg later. I did see a few good one during the event but had to walk away so I can hoard the XP later on.

Pokemon Go Rock Event Video

The extra items being dropped at PokeStops was fairly successful as well although they were not as generous as I expected. I would have thought that Niantic would have hoped to sell more bag space by really being generous with the Pokeballs.

For me I would definitely call the Pokemon Go Rock Event a good one. I just wish Niantic would have these events run through 2 weekends in case of weather.

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