So I don’t know if it’s just me, or where I live but the last 2 Pokemon Go events really where not all that great. While the double candy was nice the rest of the special stuff didn’t really happen for me. Let’s start with the Pokemon Go Valentines event.

Pokemon Go Valentines EventForĀ  the Pokemon Go Valentines event was all about Pink Pokemon. This makes perfect sense and seemed like a really cool idea when it was announced. Before the event started Jigglypuff was a pretty common spawn by me with the occasional Slowpoke,Wigglytuff followed by the rare appearance of Lickitung and Clefairy.

I was still missing Chansey and Clefable bu,t had hatched a Porygon and Exeggcute so I had at least one of each. I was looking forward to getting a possible Chansey and maybe getting some Candy for the harder to find pink Pokemon but that was not to be the case.

All I did get was a lot more Lickitungs with Jigglypuff spawning like they were pidgeys. Not one Chansey to be found or even seen on the sightings and only a couple of Porygon on sightings but never found one as they were in the wild and not at a Pokestop.

This was very disappointing since I had really expected it to be like the Halloween event where there was a bunch of different spawns making it very fun and successful.

Now where I live it is cold during this time so while I didn’t get out much I did try to hit a few spots to get some of the rarer pink Pokemon but nothing. For me, Niantic really dropped the ball on this event because it really wasn’t what it was advertised to be.

At least Party hat Pikachu was coming so that would be cool right? Wrong! Now I didn’t expect or even want them to be as easy to find as the Santa hat Pikachu was but, I expected to get at least a couple. Not one party hat Pikachu. It actually seemed as if Pikachu spawns actually got lower by hat pikachu

I usually would get one or 2 a week in all my regular travels but now, hardly any and during the big “celebration”, nothing. again very disappointing to say the least. Keep in mind i have the game on almost all the time so if something comes up, I can get it so it is not for a lack of trying.

I get that they didn’t want to go the way Christmas Pikachu went but still, if you are going to call it an event then make it just that. People that are playing on a regular basis, especially after the hype has dies down, should at least have the opportunity to catch whatever the event advertises at least a little more then usual.

Heck for the party hat Pikachu I would have been happy with just the regular amount of spawns but they actually decreased.

More then Likely the next event will be Easter since nothing has been announced for St. Patricks day which will be here in a couple of days. If Niantic does anything for Easter i would guess it has something to do with eggs and candy but you never know.

No matter what the event is I do hope it is balanced a little better so everyone, no matter where they live, gets the chance to enjoy all the spoils of the special event.

Here is a Pokemon Go Valentines Event video with someone actually getting Chanseys!