Smeargle Delibird PVP Legendary Pokemon Go News

Looks like there is a some more news regarding the future of Pokemon Go. John Hanke, Niantic CEO, recently spoke at a school where he mad mention of Smeargle, Delibird, PVP and Legendary Pokemon. The news was originally released from a Redditor who was apparently at the school where he made the announcements.

Check out the video below to hear all the details

Smeargle Delibird PVP Legendary Pokemon Go News

While there is really no time line on any of these announcements it’s still some pretty exciting news. Especially since it is looking like Legendary Pokemon may start being released in the summer.

Smeargle and Delibird will probably come some time during the summer as well making an almost surprise appearance like Ditto did before.

smeargle delibird

The main reason for the delay in the release of these 2 Gen 2 Pokemon has to do with their move sets. They are difficult to code making tale a little longer to get everything released for them.

This was also the reason for the delay with Ditto if you remember. because Ditto is able to mimic all other Pokemon it took a little more to code all of that for one Pokemon.

Smeargle and Delibird have some of the same issues due to the way their move sets work as well.

Also mentioned was that Legendary Pokemon will be given some special attention Once released. There will be a limit on how many legendaries can go in to a single gym for example.

As for the PVP there was very little mentioned other then the fact that Hanke said he was excited for 1 v 1 battles. Again we can kind of speculate that a lot of stuff will be released during the summer simply because Pokemon Go is meant to be played outside. To add PVP would not really be as practical in the winter months.

Here is another video talking about the announcements

Major Pokemon Go Updates Coming Smeargle Delibird PVP Legendary


So the big summer event will more then likely be the release of legendary pokemon.

Smeargle and Delibird are coming once code for their moves is finished and PVP is on the way. 2017 looks to be promising for Pokemon go!

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